Essentials Collection

We start with the Basics:

The Essentials Collection

The beginning of our sustainable journey



As excited as we are to introduce creative designs and innovative ideas, we started by addressing the problem that first inspired us: the lack of sustainable basics. One collection at a time, we seek to push industry's status quo. The Essentials Collection is merely the start of our sustainable journey, and we are thrilled to share with you the thoughts and process that created it.

We hand-selected twenty-one designs essential for every closet. Inspired by the circular design principle, our goal was to design timeless and versatile products. Our designs are intended to be seasonless and gender-fluid.

We sourced two eco-friendly fabrics to construct our designs: Modal Spandex for our tops and Recycled Polyester/Organic Cotton for our fleece designs. Our Signature Fabric is soft and silky with six color variations that are perfect for any occasion. Our Naked Fabric is lightweight and breathable with five earth-tone colors.

To ensure zero waste, we produce our products in small batches; every product is a limited edition. Hand-made in the sample room, we provide the highest quality and attention to detail. Our essentials collection is made to last.

Essentials Collection

Here are Some of our Products

A unique and sophisticated design featuring a classic square neckline and long fitted sleeves.

Designed to shape and flatter your natural body lines perfectly.

Available in Naked Fabric

A center-piece to all fits and a closet staple.

Designed to exemplify the collection's timeless and versatile look.

Available in both Naked and Signature Fabrics

An ultra-light long sleeve with a v cut in the center neckline.

Designed to exhibit the fabric's effortless elegance. 

Available in Naked Fabric

A seasonless piece, perfect for any occasion.

Inspired by the circular-design principle, it is made to last.

Available in Signature Fabrics

our initiatives

we are a brand started by college students with the vision to create sustainable alternatives for ready-to-wear women's clothing.

at Lafy, each collection, campaign, or initiative is a creative stride toward sustainability. from our design selection to the packaging, every point of the creative process is thoughtfully planned and executed in alignment with our sustainable values.