Modal Spandex

Modal Spandex

We use a carbon-nuetral alternative.


Modal fabric is a soft, lightweight, and breathable fiber that is widely versatile in its use. Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric that is made from beech tree pulp. It is known as a more durable and eco-friendly alternative to rayon. Modal is often blended with other fabrics such as spandex or cotton to add texture and strength to it. It is a bio-based fabric that is manufactured by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. Researchers found Modal an eco-friendly alternative to cotton for beech trees do not require as much water to grow; In return, using 10-20 times less water than the traditional cotton.

Environmental Impact.

Modal spandex is known for its manfuacturing process that have high recovery rates of process ingredents, minimising emission and conserving resources. Most importantly, Modal is carbon-nuetral! They require less land and water compared to alternative fibers such as traditional cotton. Modal is an eco-friendly fabric that is 100% biodegradable.


1. Modal has a stretchy characteristic that makes it an easy everyday clothing.
2. It has an incredibly soft texture and is often used to make pajamas and bedsheets.
3. Modal has a breathable characteristic to it that makes it a perfect summer time fit.
4. Durability. In its manufacturing process, it is made with long fibers and tight weeves. Its durability allows use for housewear.
5. Modal does not cease, shrink, pill, or bleed dye.

our initiatives

we are a brand started by college students with the vision to create sustainable alternatives for ready-to-wear women's clothing.

at Lafy, each collection, campaign, or initiative is a creative stride toward sustainability. from our design selection to the packaging, every point of the creative process is thoughtfully planned and executed in alignment with our sustainable values.