Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Made with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certifies cotton.


Organic cotton is made from natural seeds without the use of any synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other harmful ingridients. Third-party certification organizations verifies that the producer only utilizes methods and materials that comply with organic production standards. In addition, the federal government imposes regulations that prohibit the use of genetically engineered seeds and standards that cover how the cotton is grown.

Environmental Impact.

According to the Wildlife Foundation, it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce just one piece of t-shirt. However, with the use of organic cotton, that number is reduced by 91 percent. In fact, since organic cotton is grown without any toxic chemicals, it could reduce water pollution by a stunning 98 percent. According to the Textile Exchange, organic cotton creates 46 percent less greenhouse gas emission for it does not use nitrous-dioxide-releasing fertilizers.

Despite the fact that organic cotton is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton, less than 1 percent of all cotton produced is organic. At Lafy, we found it imperative to take the leap and use Global Organic Cotton Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton.


Organic cotton is often said softer than traditional cotton. However, the true beauty of organic cotton lies in its enviornmental benefits.

우리의 미션

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Lafy에서 각 컬렉션, 캠페인 또는 이니셔티브는 친환경을 향한 창의적인 발걸음입니다. 디자인 선택에서 패키징에 이르기까지 크리에이티브 프로세스의 모든 지점은 지속 가능한 가치에 따라 신중하게 계획되고 실행됩니다.